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Our Story

Our founding entity, Blue Sea Services started in 2012 by providing financial services to small business.  Its core services focused in the development of performance analytics and the execution of operational initiatives need to achieve success.  Increasingly, we were called upon to help navigate through the changing commercial debt market that was in part, driven by the government intervention from the banking fallout.  We found to best serve our clients, more types of commercial funding were needed.  From initially providing working capital loans, we secured real estate and SBA loan sources. Today Central Funding Exchange ® has expanded to an even broader spectrum of funding sources including AR factoring, equipment leases, acquisition loans, Asset Based Loans, purchase order financing, conventional bank loans and specialty funding such as DIP financing.  In February 2016, we changed our name from Blue Sea Services LLC to Central Funding Exchange ®  to better reflect our funding focus.  

Today, Central Funding Exchange ®  provides a funding marketplace which: 

Offers funding solutions to businesses when traditional bank financing may not be a viable option.  


Best matches borrowers and lenders by maintaining a network of funding partners to offer both a breadth of funding products, as well as a depth of lenders that provide varying appetites of credit risk.  

Provides analysis, guidance, navigation and support throughout the funding process to the ultimate deliverable - your funding. 

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